If you’re looking to find a relationship, JDate is an amazing site that can help you with that. But before you sign up, be prepared for a lot of numbers. With its over five million members, this is one dating site that has no shortage of potential matches. It’s free to sign up. Joining requires a minimum commitment of sending them an e-mail, which takes one to three minutes times out of your day.

 If you’re really interested in the site, though, you can upgrade your membership. The basic membership gives you all the basics. The multi-leveled package will give you the chance to communicate more with potential matches and also send gifts to members for special occasions -birthday dates and so on.

Benefits of JDate.com

1. The process is fast

The sign-up process is streamlined and free. Just fill out a few fields and send them an e-mail. You’ll be getting matches in no time.

2. No matches? Not really:

Even if you don’t see a match, that doesn’t mean one isn’t out there for you -there’s just an algorithm for showing the best possible matches first. When you upgrade to Gold-level membership, it gives you more control over your experience and options for contact, so that chances of finding someone better increase with time. 

3. Gifts:

Since you’re committed to spending time on the site, it makes sense to give it back by sending a “gift.” You can send flowers or get the members one of their favorite foods. You can also send special cards and gifts to celebrate holidays or special occasions.

4. Re-sign up:

If you find someone more interesting after going on the site, you can try again by re-signing up. You’re given a one-month membership at Gold and Platinum level for free. This helps show others the sort of people you like and the sort of people that like you. This process is known as “re-tuning.”

5. Chat option:

If you have time on your hands and want to just chat, there is a chat feature that allows you to do so.

6. Encouragement for comfort:

One way JDate helps track users is by asking them how they feel about various features. The site asks questions such as “if women got along with the opposite sex better, would they be happier?” The site also has a section where you can ask a member your own questions, allowing users to express themselves at length. The JDate.com knowledge base has a lot of resources to help you have a better time on the site, including links to many useful sites that can help you with the dating process.

7. Lots of people:

If the average person is about 6 feet 5 inches tall, for instance, it stands to reason that in order to find someone your height or taller, it takes only a few minutes to find someone close.

8. A basic package for everyone:

The basic package has all the features you need to start looking for a potential match. If you decide you like it, you can upgrade your membership, but if not, then you didn’t waste any money or time on something that doesn’t work for you.

9. Safety:

Safety is another important aspect of the site. It does not allow people to “friend” each other on the site, which would allow users to communicate with a potential match in a more intimate way. Instead, there is only e-mail communication between matches as well as using your credit card information and sending gifts and special cards. This makes it harder for people to scam the site if they are not actually looking to find someone but just want a gift.

10. Quick sign-up:

You can begin looking for a match as soon as you sign up, which means you’re not spending time finding a place where you can join and waiting for an e-mail response. It also cuts down on being bombarded with e-mails from other sites, since signing up with JDate automatically unsubscribes you from e-mails sent by other sites.


This is a very good website for those who wish to find love. It is also very good for those who are just looking to meet new people. It gives you the chance to meet someone and grow your circle of friends as well as talk to someone on a deeper level. There are many different features that help you get the most out of your experience. It also gives you control over what you see and what you do not see on the site, in case there is something that bothers or offends you.