Ashley Madison is a dating site for married people looking to have an affair. This site lets you sign up as an individual or create a profile as part of a couple. There are over 40 million members, so it could be worth your time to explore this website’s features.

Ashley Madison is the best dating site for people looking to have an affair. We encourage you to read our reviews so that you can find out more about all the features this site has to offer.

Benefits of Review

1. A Solid Reputation. Ashley Madison has been in business since 2001 and has over 2,000 employees around the world. In 2002, they escrowed $1.6 million for a database security breach and have not had any breaches since then.

2. A Great Convenience. Ashley Madison has won several awards for its convenience. In addition to the website being available on mobile devices, there’s also an app that lets you view your inbox and profile right from your phone!

3. A Smart Designed Web Interface. The Ashley Madison website is well designed and provides a clear view of all of its features without clutter or extra pages that need to be navigated through to reach the desired product offering.

4. Special Features for Couples. Couples can create a profile for their relationship that allows them to select and publish messages from any desired source on the site. This feature is called unlimited visibility, as opposed to other Ashley Madison features that include seeing only your own messages.

5. A Premium Membership. If you spend $39 per month, you get access to tools that allow you to set up email addresses and links, time until expiration, and customize your profile images and headers to meet your business needs.

6. Over 40 Million Members. offers dating opportunities to over 40 million members.

7. A Mobile App. Ashley Madison has a mobile app that can be used on your iPhone and Android devices. The app allows you to view your messages and photos, read messages, and view profiles but not create new ones or join conversations just yet. This app is still being developed and should receive the missing functionality in future updates.

8. Quick Account Creation. To create an account, you need to provide a valid email address, password, and zip code. After completing this information, you are ready to begin browsing other members.

9. Snazzy Menus and Navigation. The menus and navigation on are very snazzy and easy to use, even if they are not always easy to find while you are initially exploring the site.

10. Many Ways to Search For Other Members. Ashley Madison has several ways to search for other members, including by zip code, age, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender.

11. Plenty of Helpful Chat Rooms. Each chat room has a unique theme that is appropriate for the website’s member base. The chat rooms have names like “Ménage à Trois” and “Serial Daters” to help members identify which room to enter based on their interests.

12. Statistics on Members Viewed and Joins in the Past 7 Days. You can also view statistics of your profile views and members who you have connected with in the past 7 days.

13. Improved Navigation. The new page navigation system is nice and easy to use on this site, which makes it easy to find exactly what you need if you stop by regularly. For users that don’t visit Ashley Madison as much, a search feature is provided, but these searches are not as detailed as they are on other websites that Ashley Madison features, such as

14. Pays for Window. If you choose to pay for less than lifetime access to the site, you have the option of purchasing “extensions” that add extra features like an unlimited number of outgoing messages and the ability to change your password at any time.

15. Additional Local Member Searching Capabilities. If a user is a member of and is logged in to his/her profile, he/she can locate members who live within a certain radius of them by entering the zip code into the search bar. The same search bar is available for those members of Ashley Madison who want to find other members who are online at that moment.


 The site is easy to navigate and includes a helpful customer service department. Yes, it does have security features, but for some people that would not be enough to make them stay with the site – however, there are others who could overlook the security issues and would benefit from the other benefits of this website.