Dating a married man can lead to distrust, deceit, and heartbreak. Here are signs that you may be dating someone married. Not only will this save you time, but it will also spare you the pain of falling in love with someone who has no intention of ever committing to you fully. Here are signs that you may be dating a married man, as well as tips on how to avoid such situations altogether:

1. He Never Invites You Over

If a married man sees you, he won’t want his wife to know about it. Even if you live in the same city, he will not want you to go to his house or meet up at his place. If you are dating someone and they don’t even let you meet up at their place, then there is a good chance that they have something to hide.

2. He Never Spends Holidays or Special Events With You

If you are dating a married man, he will ensure that he spends only special events with his family. Even if you become a special person in his life, he won’t want to spend holidays or special occasions with you. If this happens and you are not sure why it’s time to consider the consequences of dating a married man.

3. He Never Talks Commitment

If you are dating a married man, you may find that he never talks about the future or how you will spend your lives together. As long as he is with you, his wife and kids will always be in the back of his mind. A married man doesn’t want commitment because he doesn’t want to give up his other family.

4. You Can’t Get Much Info About His Personal Life

If you are dating a married man, you may tend to ask him about his personal life, only to find out that he is not being very forthcoming. He may only want to tell you what he wants the public and everybody else in his life to know. If that is the case, it’s time to consider whether or not you can trust him with your heart.

5. He Doesn’t Save You Under Your Name on His Phone.

He won’t save your contact under your name if you are dating a married man. He may save it under his wife’s name or in another way that is not typical for someone dating a person. If this happens, it’s time to consider whether or not you can trust him.

6. Going Public With You Doesn’t Seem to Be His “Thing.”

You may find that your married man won’t go public with you. He may be afraid of his wife finding out about you, or he may not want to commit until he figures things out with his wife and kids. Whatever the reason, if he is not open to dating you in public and introducing you to family and friends, it’s probably best to move on because it will lead to heartbreak.

7. He Refuses to Introduce You to Anyone in His Circle of Friends or Family.

If you are dating a married man, you may discover that he refuses to introduce you to anyone in his circle of friends or family. He will only want to spend time with you by yourself without letting anyone else know about your relationship. If this happens, it’s certainly not normal and should be a major warning sign that he is married and still involved in a relationship with someone else.

8. Social Media Ain’t His Friend.

If your married man doesn’t want you to know everything about his life, he will most likely only want to share pictures and other updates with a few close friends on social media. He may not tell you everything that is going on in his life, but if he does not allow you to follow him and see what he is doing at all times, it’s time for you to reconsider whether or not this is the right person for you.

Dating a married man is never a good idea and should always be avoided. Not only will it lead to heartbreak and distrust, but it may lead to more serious consequences. It’s best to walk away from this situation as quickly as possible before it gets too deep. If you are dating someone and they cannot introduce you to anyone in their life, then it definitely means that they are keeping something from you, and they don’t feel safe enough with you to get close to anyone in their life.