Nowadays, online dating has become so popular that many people all over the world join in the trend. If you’re one of those people looking for love online, you probably know that the first step to succeeding is creating the ultimate dating profile. Yet, if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips and tricks to take into account!

The Do’s

1. Keep It Brief, Yet Powerful

First and foremost, it is of utmost importance that you keep your profile concise and brief. That is, there are probably thousands of things that you want to share with the other people on the dating site to increase your chances of finding a perfect match. Yet, the main goal of your dating profile is to generate interest. That’s precisely why it is best to narrow your profile down to the most fun, fascinating and important things about yourself. 

What’s more, once you attract suitors with your profile, you will have all countless opportunities to partake in deep conversations. Then, you talk about all there is to know about yourself to form a connection.

2. Stand Out From The Other Profiles

On a related note, generating interest can also be achieved by creating a unique profile. This is essential because if you take one look at the dating profiles of other people, you will quickly notice that they all are very similar. Sometimes, it seems as if each person has the same qualities and that they are all looking for the same kind of person. 

Thus, you need to stand out from all the rest and you can do so in several ways. For instance, you could start your profile with a unique story that perfectly sums up your personality. Another method is incorporating inside jokes. For example, if you have a favorite tv-show, you could include a reference to this to see who catches on. The sky is the limit!

3. Check Your Spelling & Grammar

Thirdly, it might not sound like such a big deal, but you should absolutely check your spelling and grammar before you upload your dating profile. To be more concrete, research has pointed out that spelling and grammar mistakes are among the top biggest turn-offs when it comes to dating. The reason that underlies this is that people associate these mistakes with sloppiness and a lack of high intelligence. Consequently, always check your spelling first!

Also, always type full sentences without using a lot of abbreviations or emojis to replace the words. You might think that abbreviations and emojis make you seem more approachable, but they actually will result in a counterproductive effect.

The Don’ts

1. Uploading the Wrong Pictures

Moreover, another aspect of your online dating profile that you can use to attract the right kind of people revolves around the pictures that you upload. Even more so, there is an entire etiquette involved in this department. As a result, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. 

For example, a common mistake is not having enough variety. So, you should make sure that you don’t merely have pictures of yourself at the same location or in the same outfit. This will come across as very one-sided and that’s not the vibe you should be going for. 

Another mistake that you can make is uploading pictures of bad quality. Pictures that are too dark or too blurry give off a rather bad impression because they just don’t look appealing. The same goes for pictures that are heavily photoshopped. When people take a look at your dating profile, they want to find out what you really look like and they want to get a sense of who you really are. It goes without saying that photoshopped pictures are not the way to that. 

Also, you should upload several pictures when it comes to your dating profile. Some people tend to only upload one or two pictures. And while they can be great, they can come across as rather suspicious. 

2. Including Cliché Quotes

The second big dating profile blunder that you can make is adding tons of meaningless, Cliché Quotes. Examples of such quotes are “Live, love, laugh”, “carpe diem”, “work hard, play hard” or even the classic “I like to take long walks on the beach”. You might think that such quotes are a short way to describe what you’re all about, but the truth is that this might make you lose out on meeting interesting people. 

Namely, cliché quotes can sometimes be fitting, but they don’t actually give a lot of information about yourself. They also rarely get taken seriously by other people because such quotes are omnipresent in the world of online dating. Hence, it is better to steer clear of clichés and to come up with unique facts on your own. 

3. Surrounding Yourself With Negative Energy

Finally, it might be the case that you’ve been heartbroken before or that you’ve had negative dating experiences, but it doesn’t do you any good to display this on your online dating profile. That is to say, people don’t respond well to negative energy. It’s quite the contrary: positive energy attracts positive energy”. So, don’t complain in your dating profile, don’t focus too much on your bad qualities, and generally don’t have a negative attitude towards any other people on the dating site. Otherwise, your dating profile will not be attractive to anyone who might want to get to know you better.