Though most women have a sixth sense that indicates whether a man genuinely likes them or not, it can still be challenging to decipher some signs.

Does he take too long to reply? Does he say you’re the only one? Are you a priority, or do you feel like one of his friends? All the signs and behaviors can be overwhelming, so this post will review the top dating signs that he is interested in you. 

Though the tips mainly focus on heterosexual relationships, these signs may apply to everyone. Interest and love don’t differ along with your gender and sexual orientation. Let’s begin!

7 Signs a Man is Interested in You

1) He Straight-up Tells You

Here’s a disclaimer: A guy can tell you how much he loves you and how important you are to him. So his words are not the only indicator – Actions speak louder than words.

Always watch out for red flags like him talking to other girls or being shady about certain parts of his life. 

However, hearing him say “I like you,” or “I really enjoy what we have” are good signs, especially after you’ve had sex. Why? Because it means you are not disposable but something he wants to keep around!

2) He is Not Afraid of Commitment

How many of you girls are tired of men saying they are not ready for a relationship?

While it’s valid and normal to want to stay single, if a guy really likes you, he will most likely make an effort to commit to you.

If he makes future plans with you, hangs with you often, and isn’t afraid of talking about a relationship, that is a great sign. You can subtly bring these topics up to see his reaction – Does he get nervous or uncomfortable, or does he rather seem open and honest?

3) He Doesn’t Keep You a Secret

This one might be the top green flag. While most people don’t introduce the person they are dating to their family and friends right away, it’s a bad sign if he keeps you a secret after a few months of dating.

Be wary if he is active on social media but never posts pictures with you, or he never asks you to hang with his friends. He may not be ready yet, or perhaps he is being shady. So it’s worth confronting him and asking directly.

4) You Guys are on the Same Page

If you feel like the two of you connect and are “in sync,” the chances are that you probably are a good fit. A man who likes you will joke around, be playful, and smile frequently.

You will find conversation topics easily, and nothing will feel forced. Do you guys vibe and are at ease when on dates? Then he probably likes you.

5) Everything Else Fades when You are Together

As movielike as it may sound, if the entire world doesn’t matter when you are together, he is relationship material.

Feeling at ease and safe with a partner is the first step toward building something beautiful and meaningful.

6) He Listens… and Remembers

Not everyone has a great memory, but a man who likes you will remember small details to prove his interest. He might even remember anecdotes and things you don’t recall sharing – That’s a good sign.

Don’t punish a guy you are dating for not remembering the small details, though. Everyone is different, and he may not recall what you said but show he likes you in other ways!

7) He Enjoys Romance with You

Couples enjoy romantic dates, whether going to a fancy restaurant and the movies, watching the sunset, cuddling while watching a movie, etcetera.

If he is comfortable with these plans, even suggesting them, he is into you. No man would hug a woman while watching a sunset together if he didn’t want something with her.

When to Let Go

While you may really like someone, it’s necessary to know when to let them go and focus on other dates or yourself instead.

If you feel like you are the only one making an effort, being serious, starting conversations, or suggesting to hang out, he might not be as interested as you initially thought.

Knowing when to back off is a sign of self-respect. There is no need to push things and make him (and you!) uncomfortable.

Best of luck!